Which Muesli would you like
to try today?

Muesli, Toasted Maple Apple and Cranberry (Organic)

Pure Canadian maple syrup, wholegrain rolled oats and chia seed clusters blended with apples, nuts, .. Read More

Muesli, Toasted Coconut Rough with Berry (Organic)

A rich flavoured muesli of organic rolled wholegrain oats lightly toasted into clusters with cacao, .. Read More

Muesli, Paleo Crunch with Fruit & Nut (Organic)

Paleo, the way food was for our ancient Palaeolithic ancestor - grain and gluten free. Our Paleo Nut.. Read More

Muesli, Paleo Hemp & Honey Protein Boost (Organic)

A paleo 20% protein breakfast boost, with organic Eclipse Hemp Protein blend, nuts, seeds and coconu.. Read More

Muesli, Toasted Nuts Honey & Chia (Organic)

A satisfying muesli of organic rolled whole-grain oats, lightly toasted into crunchy clusters with h.. Read More

Granola, Apple Date and Coconut Lumberjack (Organic)

A vibrant muesli with organic rolled wholegrain oats and cornflakes toasted into clusters with fresh.. Read More

Muesli, Toasted Verry Berry No-Nut (Organic)

A nut-free muesli with light flakes of corn, gluten-free puffs and rolled wholegrain oats come toget.. Read More

Muesli, Chunky Australian Bircher (Organic)

Premium Australian cereals grains dried in a rich prune paste with wholesome chunks of organic dried.. Read More

Muesli, Toasted Gluten Free Nutty Clusters (Organic)

A crunchy muesli of organic gluten free cereals, lightly toasted into clusters with cinnamon, honey .. Read More

Muesli, Toasted Light & Crisp Gluten-Free (Organic)

A crisp toasted 100% gluten-free muesli created with rolled quinoa, cornflakes, flaked brown rice, a.. Read More