Legumes Made Quick and Easy

Sprouted Chickpeas
Chickpeas – Sprouted at 3 days

Legumes, including Chickpeas, are loaded with protein and other nutrients. They are ideal for adding to your diet. I always start with dried legumes and prepare them myself, I normally boil them but often I love to sprout my legumes. There are some great tips and tricks to preparing and storing legumes so that you will always have them at hand.

Tip 1 – Plan 

The first tip to eating at home and cooking regularly is to plan. A few minutes planning each day will take the pressure of cooking at home and cut the amount to take away you eat, saving you thousands of dollars every year. It is fun and easy and can be done as a family.

I lot of people shy away from using dried legumes because of the myth that they are difficult to prepare.

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